Why “Maybe” Has Been Eliminated From My Vocabulary

People do not use passionate feeling words often.

Personally, I do not remember the last time I said “yes, absolutely, 100x yes!” That honestly makes me sad, because I feel it is so important to live passionately with everything that you have. Make your intentions clear and say what you want, and do not apologize for it. This applies to work, dating, family, etc.

Words I wish to use more in my daily life:

  • Definitely
  • Absolutely
  • Of course!
  • Nope!
  • Definitely not.

These are all words that give the person on the other end of the conversation a direct answer, and in turn, leaves no one hanging. Eliminating “maybe” from my daily speech (especially at work), has changed my entire life. Living passionately, even in your speech, will have a direct impact on your relationships and may even trigger a promotion (you are more likely to be promoted if you are sure of what you want and exude confidence) or even other benefits in your personal life. I’ve seen my personal relationships with guys I’ve dated or with my family improve 100x over when I put the word “maybe” to death. I can not think of a practical & necessary use for the word “maybe”, “sure”, or “whatever”. Do not be indifferent. You’ll thank yourself for it.



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