Think vs. Feel

Hey guys.

Have you ever had a friend that always seemed to have men chasing her? And not chasing sex with her.. chasing her. I’m here to tell you her secret.

Thinking vs Feeling.

Women happen to be very fixated upon their own emotions. Men.. not so much. Remember your last breakup when you stayed in bed crying for three days, while your ex-boyfriend went to work and went out with his friends like nothing was wrong? That is the thinking vs. feeling principle.

The time you blurted out “I love you” at three in the morning to the guy you had been seeing because everything was going so well and he broke it off the next day? Let’s remember the friend I talked about earlier in this post. That friend waited for him to say it with desperation in his eyes and voice before she even considered letting herself feel that way.

Do not be ruled by your emotions.

When you aren’t ruled by emotions, instead, thinking logical and rational thoughts, you are positioning yourself to have control over your current situation. This doesn’t only relate to relationships. I dare you to apply this principal to your career and see what happens.

Be intentional with the way you act. Act in accordance with what your logic tells you to. If you are constantly showing less emotion than your partner, you are creating the chase. The chase is what makes things exciting at first. If I can tell you to be anything, be chased and ungettable. There’s something amazing about being unattainable, is there not? Take my advice, next time you go out with someone, think about this post.

See what happens.

Until next week,


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