About Me

How funny is it that as people, we take in and put out so many things into the world every day, but we find ourselves the hardest to describe?

Well, I’ll tell you what I do know:unnamed

My name is Kate. I’m an ENTJ. I’m passionate about many things. Success is what I’m most passionate about. I’m obsessed with fitness and traveling the world. I love business. I’m a marketing student studying online, getting ready to graduate with my bachelor’s degree next year, at 19 years old. My plans include moving to London in 2018 for my master’s degree. This would put me on track to receive my MBA at 21 years old.

I love empowering other women. I’m currently writing a book about tips and tricks for other women in their career and relationships.

I have traveled around the US, to South America, and the Caribbean. In 2017, I’m leaving for Australia, Paris, London and Rome.

I’ve also overcome an eating disorder and lost 50+ pounds following a ketogenic lifestyle. I’m truly obsessed with becoming the best version of myself.

My hope is with this blog I can inspire other people to truly reach their full potential.

Read away! Stay tuned for my book, and have a great day!

– Kate Clarkson